Gregory Glasson


Hello Jim,
How is everything going on with you? Please do you still have this your beautiful below work available for purchase? The work I am talking about are below..

Welkin oil on canvas 17 x 22 in. 2012 & Crypt Encryption oil on canvas 14 x 22 in. 2011.

If the work is still available for purchase, please email me more details about it, the price and the availability.


Good morning, Gregory.

Everything going on with me is great, thank you for asking.

I still have one of the paintings you inquired about: “Welkin” oil on canvas, 17 x 22 in. 2012 (the other one was sold to someone in Lithuania). Are you interested in purchasing it? The price is $2,600 plus shipping, but please bear in mind that I decided to change the name of this painting. Moving forward, please refer to it as “Bellybutton Makeover” oil on canvas, 17 x 22 in. 2012. Thanks.

Let me know if you need any more information from me. Have a great day!


Dear Jim,

Thank you for your email and more information about “Welkin”.

I am purchasing this for my self and my family purpose, I know my wife will definitely like it because she like everything about Art. Please email me more details I need to know about the pieces.

Concerning the payment. I am based in New Jersey.. The payment I am 100% sure about is to send you a check for the total cost.

I will be expecting your email concerning this..


Good morning, Gregory. I hope your day is getting off to a better start than mine has. My Vitamix just exploded and there is kale juice literally all over the cats.

In response to your request for more info, here is all you need to know about the pieces:

1)  Crypt Encryption – not available, in Lithuania, don’t worry about it.

2)  Welkin – no longer called “Welkin,” now called “Bellybutton Makeover,” very important.

3)  Total cost for “Bellybutton Makeover” oil on canvas, 17 x 22, 2012 is $2,600 plus shipping.

How do you want it shipped? FedEx? An art shipper? I will need to get a quote for delivery, so please send me your zip code in New Jersey.

Sorry to be so brief, but I need to go wipe down the cats before the kale dries. Thanks!


Dear Jim,
Concerning the payment, I want you to understand the easy and safe payment I can provide to make everything more quick and smooth because I want it to be delivered in my destination in time.

Concerning the shipping and delivery I will handle the delivery and pay the delivery fees by adding it on the same check which am going to issue, You don’t need to stress your self concerning running here and there for the shipment purpose.

My concern about appointing a good secure shipping company for the delivery is because I want the delivery to be safe to my destination without any damages or lost which has already happen in the past using Fed Ex and UPS.

My Skype id is gregoryglasson1 add me on your Skype list or send me your Skype id and I will add you for more discussion.

If you don’t have Skype id kindly go to and register with Skype and download it.

I will be expecting your reply back with the below information for the check..

Name on check:
Your address:
Your phone number:


Dear Gregory,
I’m afraid I do not know what skype is. Would you mind explaining it to me? It sounds like a type of sea fish, haha!


* * *

I must apologize for my lack of technical know-how, Gregory. You must think I live in a cave. I appreciate your patience!

I spoke with my assistant, Coco, and he helped me to install Skype onto my computer. Coco says my user name is “Thetan_2000” so feel free to add me or whatever you call it. Thank you and so sorry again for my confusion!

All the best,

I have sent you add request, fix a time you will be available on Skype for conversation.


I will be available Sunday, May 31 between 5:05 pm and 6:30 pm EST. Will be expecting your call.


You have not accepted my request on Skype, so calling or chatting with you by that time will not work out.


Dear Gregory,
I apologize, but I cannot figure out how to accept your sklype, and Coco is off today so I have no one here to help me. Also, my internet connection here at the compound is very slow so I don’t even think it will work. Is there any way we can proceed with regular e-mail?

Have an enlightened day.



Great, thank you.

And I just want to make sure you are reading my e-mails carefully to avoid any confusion. Please confirm that this is the painting you want:
“Bellybutton Makeover” oil on canvas, 17 x 22, 2012

I need to be certain you understood that it is no longer called “Welkin” because I am going to make a new painting called “Welkin” and I don’t want it to be confused with “Bellybutton Makeover” when Coco takes inventory.

Please get back to me with your confirmation and I will send you the info you requested.

Yes, I understand that and I have confirmed it.

Very good.

Also, you mentioned that your wife likes everything about Art. Is this perhaps a surprise for her? I hope you don’t mind my asking, but I just had an idea I think you will like.

Yes it’s.

Fantastic. I was thinking it would be nice if I gift-wrapped it for her. I have a special way of doing it I think you will like. What do you think?

* * *

Do you still want the painting? Coco wrapped it up all nice for you.


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