Gillian Wiseman


Ghost-writing for Carol Salmanson…

Good Day,
How is everything with you? I picked interest in your artwork and decided to write you. I will like to know if your artwork can be purchased and shipped internationally?. I can email the artwork of interest and payment will be completed in full once you confirm my purchase order with a quotation.

Kindly let me know when you are in office and ready to take my artwork order also let me know if you accept either Visa Card or Master Card for payment furthermore you can email me your recently updated website or art price list in your response.

Best Regards,

Hello Gillian,
Thank you so much for your message on Friday, and I apologize for my delayed response. I never do any business on Friday the 13th! I know it sounds silly, but I have been really paranoid ever since a very unfortunate incident in 1994 involving an escalator.

To answer your question, yes I am happy to ship artwork to you internationally. Where do you live? I am attaching a list of available works with prices, and I would be happy to take your artwork order any day this week. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Carol,
Good to hear from you i have looked up the list and images of works you attached and I am okay with the cost of this one therefore i will like to proceed with the purchase and i want you to get the shipping cost so you can sum everything up and let me know all total required to be paid to acquire the piece FRAGMENTARY EVIDENCE 4 LEDs, wire, reflective sheeting, gel filters, plexi 14″H x 10″W x 2.5″D | with Sintra backing, 20”H X 16″W x 3.375″D 2015 $2,950

On the shipping one will have to pay additional fee at the delivery point here in Macedonia because they will never bring to ones house. courier like Fedex, UPS,DHL are not worth it here especially USPS and TNT all of them are not rendering good service here probably because they already known very well. You can contact this courier ( as well with the weight and cost of the artwork for the shipping and insurance to my address because they ship and deliver safely without one paying any other money before collecting the goods unlike some other courier where it will not be delivered to your address rather you will have to go to their office to pick it up and when you get there you will be told to pay other money before collecting it. I will be looking forward to hearing from you asap.


Shipping Address:
10 Blvd. Koco Racin,
1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Hi Gillian,
I am so pleased you found an artwork you like so quickly. I see that Gillian Wiseman is a woman who knows what she wants! I’m sorry I was not able to write you back earlier – I’ve been running around all over town, trying to find the 30 pounds of garlic I needed before sundown (don’t ask!). But now that it’s nighttime, I am not setting foot outside the house for anything!

Thank you for saving me the trouble of finding an courier. I am going to contact Coast Express Freight first thing in the morning to get a quotation. I don’t think I will be able to do it tonight as there is some important work I need to attend to around the house – windows that need boarding up, etc. But I will let you know as soon as I hear back from Coast Express Freight tomorrow!


Okay i will be looking forward to hearing from you.


Good morning, Gillian. Yes, I promise to take care of the quotation today, but I did not sleep very well last night so I am going to have my assistant, Coco, handle it.

What happened was there was a bat – or something – in the house last night and I spent hours chasing it around with a broom! I finally gave up and I have no idea where it went. The front door was wide open when I woke up, though. I have called animal control, but I live out in the woods and it sometimes takes a while for anyone to reach me.

Coco will be here soon and will help me continue the search. Coco is always very prompt. And then Coco will contact Coast Express Freight regarding your shipment. Thank you for your patience!


– – –

Dear Ms. Wiseman,

This is Coco, Carol’s assistant. Carol is resting. She asked me to let you know that I have contacted Coast Express Freight with a quotation request for shipping your artwork order. I will let you know the cost as soon as we hear back from them.

Thank you.


Dear Customer,
Thank you for choosing CoastExpress Freight, We guarantee safe delivery of an order to our customer within 1-2 workdays. You do not need to drop off the package anywhere it will be picked up from your designated address and delivered to that of the consignee. The shipper pays for the shipment before we schedule the pick up Our charges are inclusive of Packing, Custom Fees, Duties, Insurance, Handling and Taxes. We accept payment through Bank Wire Transfer. We shall let you have the payment information and requirements as soon as you are ready for the shipment.

Total Quote for Service:
1 – 2 days delivery: $1,025.00 USD 3 – 5 days delivery: $874.00 USD Packing, Pick Up, Custom fee, Shipment Door to Door, Insurance


Hello Ms. Wiseman,
This is Coco again (Carol’s assistant). She is still resting. Below is the quotation from Coast Express Freight with the shipping costs. 1 – 2 days delivery: $1,025.00 USD and 3 – 5 days delivery: $874.00 USD. Which service would you like us to use?


Hi Coco,
I just read through your messages now and the shipping cost 3 – 5 days delivery: $874.00 USD is okay by me due to what we face with customs and delivery of goods here. I would like to know when you will be in the office so that i can let you have the credit card to run for the payment Also please let me know the merchant you will be using to run the credit card so that i can inform my bank that you will be running my card. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Hello Gillian,
It’s Carol again – I’m back online, but Coco is getting ready to take me to the doctor. I was wondering why I was feeling so strange yesterday and then I realized I was bitten by the bat that got into my house the other night! I just found two small bite marks on my neck.

We should be back by noon today (New York time). I don’t want to be outside too long anyway because my eyes are feeling very sensitive to the daylight for some reason.

Please let me know what the next steps are in processing your credit card number. Which merchant do you suggest I use for that? My secretary, Terry, will be here at the office wile I’m gone. If you send me the information, Terry can pass it along to me. Thx.



Hi Carol,
Sorry to hear about that please let me know the name of the merchant you will be using so that i can let you have my credit card details today Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Hello Ms. Wiseman,
This is Terry, Carol’s secretary. I’m here at the office while Carol and Coco are at the doctor. Which merchant do you want us to use for the credit card? We can use whichever merchant you prefer. I need to make a quick trip to Staples to buy more staples, but I’ll be right back so let me know. Thanks.



Please tell me the merchant you use so i can know. Thanks.

Hi Ms. Wiseman,
I don’t think Carol has a preference about which merchant to use. Is there one you recommend? If not, we will have to wait until she and Coco get back from the doctor. I don’t really know much about it.

I can’t go to Staples right now because my car won’t start and it just started raining.

Terry (Carol’s secretary)

– – –

Hi Gillian,
This is Carol – I’m back from the doctor now and fortunately everything is fine. In fact, I feel even better than before all of this happened. I have Coco and Terry working on some projects – disposing of all the garlic and covering up the windows with paper – so I can work with you on the credit card payment.

I enjoy using this merchant for processing credit cards: Will that work for you? If not, can you suggest another merchant?

Is Macedonia anywhere near Transylvania?


Okay here is the credit card to run. i want you to run the card now and let me know.
Master Card: 54241811XXXXXXXX Expiry Date: 11/17 Cvv: XXX Zipcode: 92651

Please run the card now and get back to me


– – –

Did you get the CC i emailed you? please let me know.


Yes, I received it.



Please let me know if you have processed it, because of my credit limit i would like you to run $1000 on the card first and then the balance after that has gone through Looking forward to hearing from you soon Best Gillian

– – –

Have you processed the card?

I’m sorry for the delay. There has been a terrible accident here at the studio. I will explain later but I really need to deal with the situation here right now.


– – –

Hi Gillian,
Did you receive my last email? Do you still want me to run the credit card?


OK, I’m going to run the credit card for $8,971.03 USD. Are you sure you want to do that? It seems like a lot of money for a piece of artwork.


No i think you do not know what you are talking about.

What do you mean? Is that not the correct amount? I’m confused.





give me the brek down how you got the figure

Well I guess I added everything up wrong. I am sorry – it has not been easy around here ever since Coco and Terry had their accident. I have to do everything myself! Can you please just tell me the correct amount you said you wanted to charge on the card?

Dont you know the cost of your art?

Terry and Coco handled that.

Ask them.

Let’s put it this way – they can’t exactly talk at the moment.

Then cancel the order.

Ah, I found it in my email history – $2,950 + $874 for shipping? Is that correct?

Yes that is the correct amount and i want you to run my card for $1000 first because of my credit limit and get back to me so that i can let you know how to run the balance.

OK fine. Did you even read in my email to you that there was a terrible accident here? Do you even care, Gillian?  

Here’s what happened: Coco was working quietly on the coffin sculpture project we started yesterday and then suddenly came at me with one of the wooden dowels we had in the studio. Coco had sharpened the tip of it just like a spear. I simply pushed Coco away but I guess I didn’t realize my own strength because Coco went sailing out the window and landed on a sundial. Then I bit Terry on the neck and I guess it was pretty deep so that was the end of that.

And then I called your bank and reported you for credit card fraud.


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