Thomas Map

Good Day Jim,
How is everything going on with you over there, Please do you still have this your beautiful below work available for purchase? Find the work am talking about below..

Axon oil on canvas 17 x 22 in. 2013 & Soft Endorsement oil on canvas 17 x 22 in. 2012. If the work is still available for purchase, please email me more details about it, the price and the availability.


Dear Thomas,
Hello. Everything is ok on my end, except for my left arm and leg being in a cast (long story).

Yes, those paintings are definitely available for purchase. The price is $2400 each plus shipping. What else do you need to know about them? Hope you’re having a Happy National Trail Mix Day!

All the best,

P.S. it took me 3 hours to type that e-mail with one hand.

Good Morning Jim,
Thank you for your email and more information about “Axon oil on canvas 17 x 22 in & Soft Endorsement oil on canvas 17 x 22 in.
I am purchasing this for my self and my family purpose, I know my wife will definitely like it because she like everything about Art. Please email me more details I need to know about the pieces.

Concerning the payment. I based in New Jersey and that’s where it will be ship to.. The payment I am 100% sure about is to send you a Cashier’s Check or Bank Draft for the total cost.. I will be expecting your email concerning this..


Hello Thomas. Thanks for getting back to me. My friend Seymour is helping me type now since my arm is still in the cast, which will make things much easier. I am paying him.

Here’s all you need to know about the two pieces: “Axon” is about how I feel when it’s raining outside and was made by putting some paint on a brush and smearing it onto a canvas. “Soft Endorsement” is about a guy I met at Burning Man who had solar systems for eyes. It was made the same way the other one was, except for the molly.

What other info do you need? I know where New Jersey is.


Hello Jim,
Concerning the shipping and delivery I will handle the delivery and pay the delivery fees by adding it on the same check which am going to issue, You don’t need to stress your self concerning running here and there for the shipment purpose.

My concern about appointing a good secure shipping company for the delivery is because I want the delivery to be safe to my destination without any damages or lost which has already happen in the past using FedEx and UPS.
My Skype id is thomasdavemap add me on your Skype list or send me your Skype id and I will add you.

Please email me back with the below information for the payment to be sent because I need to pay you quick due to how urgent I want it.

Name on check: Full address: Phone number: Skype id: If you don’t have Skype id kindly go to and register with Skype and download it.

Note: I will appoint a good secure shipping company that will come for the pickup and the shipping fees will be added on the payment, remember when the payment arrives contact the shipping company I appoint for the pickup and arrange the shipment with them.

Best Regards,

Hi Thomas,
That’s a great idea to use your own shipping company. FedEx is the worst! One time I was sending some pot brownies to my friend Seagull Dream and when he got them they were just crumbs. He still ate them tho.

Here’s all the info you asked for:
Name on check: Jim Gaylord
Phone number: (425) 778-0050
Skype id: Balbo_Shrooms2015

I’m also very anxious to make this sale! As you can imagine, I have a lot of medical bills piling up after the accident. What time do you want to skype?

– – –
Thomas, did you get the information I sent?

Sorry I change my mind.

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