Dishonorable Mentions

Below is a list of aliases and email addresses for additional scammers who have contacted me or friends of mine. This list will be updated on an ongoing basis to help potential victims identify email fraud and avoid these scams.

Craig Koch –
Kathryn Edwards –
Michael Waltz  –
Andrew Pauling
Sophia Hayne
Margaret Heywood
Thomas Chris
Steve Bland –
Susan Boyer –
Ann Greg
Clayton Pinette –




11 thoughts on “Dishonorable Mentions

  1. Lesly Kornezy was the alias used to contact one of the artists at our gallery. Very believable email exchange up to a point where they were asking for address phone number claiming they were on vacation but would love to send payment (presumably by check? yikes). If only we handle the shipping… incredible the lengths these scammers will go to!

    Here is the final email that seemed “off”

    Hi ********,

    Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, It’s nice to hear back from you. Regarding our interest in your piece, My husband and i decided we’ll like to proceed with the purchase of the 3pieces ( Attached below ), How about you telling mewhat your inspiration behind this piece. I think it is lovely work and I hope to give it a good home. I’m am presently away on vacation but I should be back in few days. Pls confirm it’s listed price

    9422 Tranquil Park Dr
    San Antonio, TX 78254

    Meanwhile, can you please confirm your mailing address and phone number so I may inform my husband on where to forward the payment. I can have him send the payment asap. About shipping, you can handle it from your side to my mailing address above,either by USPS, or FedEx, UPS postal service

    I will look forward to hearing from you so I can know how best to proceed.



  2. Thanks for posting, Erica. This one is interesting because the scammer usually insists on handling the shipping themselves, at least with the script I am familiar with. That way, when they send a check for too much, there is an excuse for why they need the extra money wired to a third party: their “personal shipping agent” who is typically moving some other items for them to a new home.

    I agree it’s always odd when no phone number is given and it’s strange that she doesn’t seem to know when her vacation will be over!


  3. Ann Greg has reached out to me using the exact same script Erica posted (from Lesly). She found my contact information via my artist portfolio on Instagram, and even went so far as to send me references of the pieces they were interested in ‘purchasing’. SO VERY THANKFUL THAT YOU POSTED THIS LIST!!

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  4. Just received an email from Steve Bland – wanting me to recommend several pieces for immediate purchase that will fit his budget of $1,000-15,000 to buy his wife for their anniversary. Usually people who want to buy my art just buy it through my website (which uses Paypal). The fact that he gave such a high budget and didn’t seem to look through my website made this email seem off. Thanks for this list – definitely confirmed what I suspected!

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  5. Happy to help! The scammers will want to skip PayPal and get you to accept a fraudulent check instead. The check will be for too much money (oops!) and they will ask you to wire the difference to a third party very quickly before anyone notices it’s fake. Nope!


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